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As no job is too big or small, Wilbanks Trucking Services provides the means of moving tanks up to 1000 barrels in capacity. With customized trailers, our equipment has the ability to haul up to three 500 barrel tanks per load.







Our highly skilled team is experienced in managing and transporting all forms of tubulars. We provide multiple locations for all your storage needs!


Storage and transportation

We understand that every hour of every day is critical to your profitability and long-term success. We have mastered the logistics of oil rig transport, utilizing logistics technology, highly specialized equipment and experienced professionals to orchestrate and execute complex, challenging moves.


Moving & Setup

Wilbanks has a team dedicated to kickstarting the production process. We offer a wide variety of services designed to make the process seamless, including heavy haul and pipe trucking, forklift services, knucklebooms, hot shot delivery and more.

No matter how complex or challenging a job may be, Wilbanks Trucking Services is capable of performing with clinical precision and expert coordination.  Our team of specialized crane operators skillfully complete jobs using our collection of all terrain, hydraulic and crawler cranes. We also offer an expanding fleet of cranes for hire.