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Smartphones, tablets, ‘apps’, the Internet: they’re now all part of our social fiber, and it’s hard to remember what the world looked like before their time.

Wilbanks Trucking Services LLC 

is focused on implementing that same kind of transformative technology into our operations and services. We are in the process of integrating untapped mobile and logistics technologies into our processes, systems and methods to elevate the level of service and experience we deliver to our customers.



Wilbanks Trucking Services LLC, offers oil field services throughout the Permian Basin region of New Mexico and Texas. We specialize in providing oil rig mobilization, crane services and production services and operate full-service terminals in Artesia, New Mexico, Hobbs, New Mexico, and Odessa, Texas. Wilbanks Trucking Services has the material resources required to accomplish even the most technically demanding and logistically daunting jobs. Our employees are experts whose training and experience are unparalleled. Wilbanks utilizes technology and high-tech solutions that ensure the most complex projects are performed smoothly and efficiently, delivering cost-savings, long-term value and a competitive advantage to our customers.

Maintaining traction in a tough industry requires perseverance and professionalism that few can manage and fewer can master. The professionals who operate in this industry have to be as tough as the oil rigs. That toughness and commitment have become an integral part of the broader company culture. Wilbanks’ ability to not just survive, but thrive in a demanding environment is a testament to the professional character of the company, and to the hard-working team that is Wilbanks Trucking Services LLC.